Free Stories!

In addition to her books, Jolene has several short stories and a serial that you can read for FREE! Yes, free. Because I love you.

Check them out below and enjoy!


Night Dares

Wattpad Series

Night Dares Cover

Six teens sneak out at night to play Night Dares – where they challenge each other to do dangerous and reckless things. When Kallie dares Jamie to go to the top floor of an abandoned Victorian house alone, Jamie is nervous. When she steps inside, she is not prepared for what she finds. Someone has been watching Jamie. Someone has been waiting.

Night Dares is a serial told in installments. Read the first installment here.

Night Dares on the blog

Night Dares on Wattpad

Night Dares on Figment


The Light


Featured on Chynna Blue’s website as part of The Zombie Project.

Read it here


 Oh Come All Ye Assassins (Spy Fiction)



Featured on Chynna Blue’s website as part of the SantaClash Christmas countdown.

Read it here.


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